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Tips on Selling Your Junk Car for Holiday Cash  

Tips on Selling Your Junk Car for Holiday Cash  

Tips on Selling Your Junk Car for Holiday Cash  

If you have an old car or a vehicle that has been damaged in a collision or that is no longer running, you may be ready to sell it for some extra holiday shopping cash. But, you may be wondering — how can I sell my car without spending a lot of time and trouble to do it? If you want to get paid top dollar for an old vehicle during the holiday season, there are two common options.

The information below is to help you choose between these two most often used approaches to selling an old car.

Two Options for Selling an Old Car for Cash

There are two frequently used ways to sell cars of any kind in any condition. One way is harder and takes longer, and it doesn’t always produce results. The other way is the fastest and easiest way to sell a car for the best price. Here are the two most used options for selling an old car:

OPTION 1: Clean It, Advertise It, and Take Appointments to Show the Car

Depending on the car’s age and condition, you may decide to try to sell the car to a buyer directly. If you choose this option, here’s what to do to sell an old car to the public:

Clean up the car: The car may be worth more if the parts, including body parts, can be sold piece by piece. So, wash the car, clean the wheels, shampoo the upholstery and carpeting, clean the headliner, wipe down the dashboard and console, wash the windows, etc. It can further help to clean the trunk. Consider cleaning the undercarriage and the engine.
Repair the car: Or, if it makes sense financially to repair the car to make it operable and resell it as a usable car, you may be able to sell the car for more. But, first, determine whether it’s worth your time, money, and risk to invest in the car at this point for the purpose of reselling it.
Create an ad for the car. Include details about the car and several photos, if possible, for potentially better results.
Place your ad and wait. Now it’s time to hope that people will contact you about buying the car. Prepare to talk with a number of people and answer a lot of questions repeatedly before you find your buyer.
Schedule meetings to show the car: Meet in person with the callers who express serious interest in buying the car. Meet only in safe public places, not at your home or the buyer’s location.

KEEP IN MIND: After you go through the long and laborious process of preparing and listing your car for sale, you may end up waiting a long time for a buyer. Even when someone does make you an offer to buy the car, they may not want to pay you the amount you want.

OPTION 2: Sell Your Old Car for Top Dollar to Junk Car Cash Out.

Instead of spending a lot of your time on phone calls and showing the car to a lot of people, and possibly getting very little money for all your trouble, you can sell the car for recycling. Taking this approach means there’s no risk of not finding a buyer, you get paid immediately, and you’ll be helping the environment. Here are the easy and quick steps to sell your junk car to Junk Car Cash Out for top dollar:

Call Junk Car Cash Out: Or, you can just fill out our quote request online. Provide us with the requested information about your vehicle.
Receive a quote for your car’s value: We will quickly give you a quote for the amount we will pay for your car (often within just a few minutes). The quote is the correct amount of the car’s current salvage value.
You accept the purchase offer: After you agree to the sale price for your car, we will schedule the most convenient day and time for you to have your vehicle picked up. Our driver will pay you cash at the time the car is removed.

KEEP IN MIND: You may choose to obtain a Salvage Title if you don’t already have one before selling us your car. Or, if you do not have a title to your old car, you can still sell your car with no title. We will check with the DMV to confirm that there are no liens on the vehicle, and we can then buy the car from you at a price adjusted to compensate for the added administrative work.

Benefits of Selling Us Your Vehicle for Holiday Cash

There are major benefits in savings of time and money from selling your car to Junk Car Cash Out, including these, among others:

Trouble-free sale: The condition of your vehicle does not matter; we will pay you cash for it quickly. People who want to sell wrecked cars have come to the right place.
Quick Payment: You can get cash immediately when your junk vehicle is picked up. Instead of waiting, you’ll have the cash you need for your holiday shopping, travel, etc.
We tow the car for free: You don’t need to bring your junk vehicle to our location. We will send our own tow truck to pick up your car free of charge.
Save a lot of time: Running a classified ad to sell an old car, then showing it to many people, and waiting until you finally find a buyer is the long way, and it’s uncertain.
Reclaim your space: You’re giving yourself a better experience on your property by getting rid of an old eyesore and making more space to use in better ways.
Sell Us Your Junk Car for Instant Cash!

Can you sell totaled cars to Junk Car Cash Out? Yes! Selling any car in any condition for the best price immediately is easy! You don’t need to do a lot of work to sell your junk car, and you don’t need to wait and hope for a buyer. No matter how old your car is or how bad its condition is, we will remove it from your property at no charge and pay you top dollar for it. We also buy junk boats, RVs, snowmobiles, and other motorized vehicles.

If you want to sell your old car for holiday cash, call Junk Car Cash Out at (801) 679-2844 or just fill in our quote request form here on our website to receive our offer for your car.

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